We are four sports lovers who want to change the way the industry works.

Our aim is to establish sustainable partnerships between advertisers & publishers.


The three guys of the team are obsessed with surfing, which is why we all try to live & work close the beach whenever possible. The girl in the team is a compassionate yogi.

Also, the entire team loves to play in the snow every winter.

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How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell

There are three parties


  • Advertisers (e. g. surf camps, yoga retreats,…)
  • Publishers (e. g. surf bloggers)
  • Affiliate Network (Sports Travel Affiliate)

The essence


What happens in affiliate marketing in our industry is that Advertisers (surf camps) promote their service through Publishers (surf bloggers) in an authentic way.


Our Affiliate Network allows relevant Publishers to create personal affiliate links to the websites of Advertisers. Publishers will be able to earn a commission with those affiliate links, which is an incentive to write about Advertisers.

A typical use case


Publishers (surf blog) include their personal affiliate link in their blog posts and redirect their readers to the Advertisers (surf camp) website. If one of the readers makes a booking on the Advertiser’s website, a sale will be registered and the Publisher receives a commission AFTER the new customer has arrived at the Advertiser’s venue.

Set-up explained in 7 simple steps

1) Installing Tracking Technology on Advertiser's website

We install our tracking technology on the website of partnered Advertisers. After signing up, Advertisers will receive a simple step-by-step guide to follow (5 mins).

2) Publishers Set Affiliate Links

Every partnered blogger & influencer will get personalized tracking links, which they can insert as hyperlinks into their blog posts.

3) User Clicks A Link

The Publisher has posted an affiliate link, a user clicks the link and will be redirected to the page of a partnered Advertiser (e. g. surf camp).

4) Tracking Through Cookies

Our tracking software uses cookies that will track the actions of the user on the Advertiser's website.

5) User Books A Package

If a user comes back to the website of the Advertiser and books a surf package, it will be registered in our system.

6) Advertiser Pays Commission To STA

On the last day of the user's arrival month, the Advertiser will pay the due commission for all user arrivals of the entire month.

7) STA Pays Commission To Publishers

30 days after the user's departure date, STA will pay the due commission to the Publishers. This way we can prevent cancelation fraud and make sure we received the commission by the Advertiser on time.